Sodium Carbonate

sodium carbonate



Sodium carbonate


Sodium carbonate (soda ash, washing soda and soda crystals) is produced by the Na₂CO₃ molecular formula from the reaction of sodium chloride, which is a kind of sodium salt with ammonia.

It is manufactured in two types of light and heavy, which heavy Sodium Carbonate is bigger than the light Sodium Carbonate and have no difference in chemical compound.


Characteristics of sodium carbonate


Sodium carbonate can absorb air moisture, which causes decomposes at low temperatures

Sodium carbonate is soluble in water but not soluble in the human body

Solid sodium carbonate is white and odorless

Uses of sodium carbonate


The most important use of sodium carbonate is in the chemical production of glass


Sodium carbonate is used as a common additive in urban tanks to counteract the acidic effect of chlorine and increase PHP.


In cooking, it is sometimes used as an alternative to sodium hydroxide for alkalisation, especially in salted bread.

In chemistry, sodium carbonate is used as an electrolyte and also as a good conductor in electrolysis.

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