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Kimiagaran Sanat Toos Company, whose manager is Mr. Mohammad Reza Mounes Toussi , has currently an active role in the field of chemical raw materials.

Manufacturing house cleaning products, this company began its activity under the brand of “ABNOOS” in 2001 and changed its field of work from producing to commerce in 2009 and has been a pioneer of providing raw materials for cleaning products factories.

Having experienced experts in the field of import and export, this company is one of the few Iranian companies that works with central Asia countries, neighbor countries, China, Africa and other countries. Moreover, by establishing offices in Afghanistan, China, Iraq (Erbil) and Tajikistan, and having sophisticated personnel, this company has progressed considerably in the field of import and export.

We have made noticeable advances in this industry by meeting our customers’ expectations , having several departments in the fields of research and development and also providing formulation for the companies and finally running detergent products factories in countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and getting raw materials from China, Malaysia and some CIS countries.

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First floor,June No 4,Blocke No 8,Ershad1/16,Ershad blv, Khayam avenue,Mashhad,Khorasan razavi, Iran postal code:9885944459

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