Super absorbent


Super absorbent

Super Absorbent Polymer, also called SAP, is a hydrophilic polymer with a three-dimensional network that is capable of absorbing and maintaining high amount of water and aqueous solutions even if pressurized. In general, super absorbent is a dry and typically sugar-like material with the ability to absorb water and some soluble substances more than several times its own weight.
The loss of superabsorbent water can only occur under the following conditions:
۱. Due to the difference in osmotic pressure: This phenomenon causes the root to obtain the best water and solutions available from the superabsorbent.
۲. Evaporation: As the superabsorbent is applied at a depth of at least 10 to 50 cm below the soil, so the water stored inside it won’t get evaporated.
Advantages of using super absorbent
Optimizing water consumption
Optimizing soil conditioning
Soil remediation and erosion prevention
● Significant increase in product quantity and quality
● Increase the effect of fertilizers and pesticides
● Absorb the minimum moisture in the soil
● Stimulating rooting in trees
● Increase seed viability
● Possibility to cultivate in steep and uncultivated areas
● Decrease the slope of soil moisture loss after initial irrigation
● Huge reduction in planting losses
● Promoting desirable traits of grass including: increasing color intensity, reducing wilt rate, increasing density, increasing grass cover

Note: Super absorbent should not be exposed to sunlight or on the soil surface as it will lose its absorption properties due to light damage and rapid breakage of the polymer chains.

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