Texapone - sodium lauryl ether sulfate

Physical Appearance: Absolutely viscous liquid without color
Packaging: 110, 160, 175, 200kg barrels
Purity: Available in densities of 30% and 70%.
Texapone is used as a detergent in most head and body detergent products. It is an emulsion chemical compound, puffer, accelerating dissolution and foaming agent used in the laundry, food and dyeing industries and is one of the anionic surfactants in the production of hair and body shampoos. It is found in most commercial detergents such as dishwashers and industrial cleaners (saline foam, carwash fluid, oil remover) and in over 90% of body hygiene and cleansers such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, creams , lotion, foaming and cleansing liquid and is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw material.

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